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The original Girard Wastewater Treatment Plant was engineered and constructed in the early sixties to treat a design flow of 1.8 millions of gallons per day with a maximum flow of 5.4 millions of gallons per day. Prior to 1962, the city's sewage went untreated into the Mahoning River.

With the passage of the Federal Clean Water Act in 1972, Congress mandated that all treatment plants would be required to have secondary treatment by July 1, 1988. The city hired the engineering firm of Environmental Design group to design and oversee the construction of the secondary facility.

In 1986 and 1987, the majority improvements to the facility were engineered and constructed. The plant is a trickling filter type secondary treatment facility. It is designed for 75% removal of raw BOD5 in the influent and a daily average flow of 5 millions of gallons per day. At the same flow 80% removal of raw suspended solids is expected. Peak hydraulic capacity for raw sewage pumping and disinfection is 21.0 millions of gallons per day. There is a 1.1 millions of gallons retention capacity for collecting peak flow for secondary treatment. Peak Hydraulic capacity for secondary is 5.0 millions of gallons and a maximum of 7.2 millions of gallons. Peak hydraulic capacity for primary treatment alone is 7.2 millions of gallons per day.

The city pretreatment program approval was effective on January 30, 1985. The program was implemented in 1988. The city provides wastewater collection and treatment services to twenty-seven industrial and commercial users, which covers portions of Liberty and Weathersfield Townships.

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  • Provides treatment for all the wastewater in the City of Girard and portions of Liberty Township and Weathersfield Township.

  • Maintains all of the city collection system by routine cutting and emergency cutting of sewer lines.

  • Maintains upkeep on plant and all process equipment and two lift stations and some spot repairs on sewer and manholes with the street department.

  • For help with emergency sewer problems in the city, call 330-545-3949.

  • For Pretreatment Issues in the city, call 330-545-3949 ext 2606


The City Water Pollution Control Facility currently employs:

(1) Chief Operator - Lab Technician

(1) Pretreatment Coordinator/Lab Assistant

(3) Plant Operators

(1) Electrician

(1) Maintenance Man

(1) Heavy Equipment Operator Vactor Truck Operator

(1) Plant Clerk



(1) Chevy Pick-up

(2) Chevy Van's

(1) Vactor Truck

The city encourages and welcomes educational tours for service organizations and schools. Girard's commitment to a cleaner environment begins with its younger generation understanding that their environmental future begins today.